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Chris Bannister plays SAM

Chris Bannister is a great Folk/Country singer who is well known in the USA and Europe, not only for his own work, but his tribute to John Denver, another great singer, he is legendary.

Having just finished touring Germany, he is currently touring Cornwall, My Mate "Rosie" grabbed him and told him about SAM, He was so impressed that he agreed to make a short film for youtube playing SAM so that others could see it in action.

This is being premiered tonight on this link

Please share, Our most difficult task has been to raise public awareness for this great dementia aid.

Music really does light up the brain, everyday my works gives me back smiles. I meet great people, of course sometimes happiness can bring tears. but to see a caregiver find comfort when their partner smiles and sings is priceless. to see someone with earlier stages using SAM and gaining confidence... again priceless.

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