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Avante Care & Support celebrate their amazing staff

Avante Care & Support, a not-for-profit care organisation, recently held their annual Sparkle Award Ceremony celebrating, recognising, and rewarding the excellent work that goes on across the organisation.

The ceremony, sponsored by ComServe, took place on the 19th October, at the Alexander Centre in Faversham with over 140 staff members, trustees and residents in attendance.

Veronica Anthony-David, Director of People & Organisational Development, opened proceedings with a warm welcome congratulating all those who had been nominated and also took the opportunity to thank all staff across the organisation for their hard work and dedication.

In keeping with award name, the 15 award categories included Awesome Deputy, Achiever, Catering Star and Best Boss Awards.

Speeches were given by the Company Directors, including Sarah-Jane Clapson, Director of Care Operations, who gave an overview of the year.

The afternoon was closed by one of the Trustees, Gill Gibb who is Chair of the Care and Quality Committee.

The award ceremony was organised to celebrate good care practice across the care homes and home care services, staff development across the organisation and those staff who go the extra mile to support their work colleagues and others.

For staff who were unable to attend on the day the event was live streamed, courtesy of MMS360. who filmed the event throughout the afternoon.

Once the awards had been presented guests were treated to the delightful tones from solo saxophonist, Ruth SaxzSmith Ltd, whilst food was being served.

Lyndsay Hopper, Marketing Manager and Sparkle Award Organiser, said ‘This year’s Sparkle Awards were a great success, with over 140 people in attendance.

The ceremony provided an excellent platform to recognise and thank staff across the organisation for their dedication and hard work.

Well done to all of the award winners, runners up, those shortlisted and also to those that were nominated for the Sparkle Awards 2022.

I would like to thank our sponsors ComServe who kindly sponsored the Sparkle Award event and thank everyone who helped to make the event a success.


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