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A Remembrance Love Story

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Remembrance Love Story
A poignant tale of true love is being told through a Skelmersdale care home to commemorate Remembrance Day.

In 2016 our Remembrance Day love story started with our two Birch Green sweethearts sitting on a local park bench. In 2017 our display picks up the story..... After being injured and returning home from the war, our lovers pose for photographs, on their wedding day. Now in 2018 we’re thrilled to announce that our story includes a new addition, as we welcome a small bundle of joy to our Birch Green family. We adore how this popular Remembrance Day display story is unfolding..... We’d like to thank Jean’s (Team Leader) husband Dave for kindly bringing in his precious memorabilia from the First World War to be displayed on our remembrance central display , thank you Dave for sharing these with us all.

For the third year, The Lovers have returned to the reception area of Birch Green Care Home, as residents and staff continue to follow their story in the next chapter of their lives.

This year they are sending congratulations to the pair who appeared with a babe-in-arms with the little one’s dress starting off the sea of poppies.

With almost 1,000 poppies to be seen in the care home reception display staff said that they are proud to show off the residents’ efforts who all got involved in creating them.

Gill Seddon, Activities Coordinator, said: “We have a lot of excitement around the display event. We sat around this year and talked about what could be the next chapter and decided that a baby would bring wonderful news.”

The love story started back in 2016 with two mannequins used to represent wartime lovers.

Back then The Lovers sat on the bench with a sea of poppies falling from the soldier’s uniform.

Last year, after he had returned maimed from the war, it was the couple’s wedding day with the bride’s dress starting off the flow of poppies.

Gill added: “The display means so much to them because it’s so close to everybody’s heart – residents put their heart and soul into it and can spend hours making the poppies.

“Although the figures are only mannequins, they have become somewhat celebrities in our care home and people look forward to seeing them.”

This year the home also has additional items to view with precious memorabilia from the First World War on display.

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