World Nursery Rhyme Week

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Parent & Toddler Group

Invite staff members to bring in their young children/babies for a nursery rhyme time together with your residents.

or invite your local nursery children to visit and share nursery rhymes with them.

This doesn't have to be an inhouse visit - try Zoom, Facebook Live, or even Clubhouse



  • Use a CD or book of traditional nursery rhymes for a nursery rhyme themed reminiscence session.

  • Discuss which nursery rhymes they taught to their children or sang to their babies. Many will know nursery rhymes such as Twinkle, Twinkle and This little piggy which are still shared today. 

  • Find an old book of nursery rhymes - they usually have morals to them, discussing the meaning of these old favourites could create meaningful discussions around the subject as well as helping them to recall the rhymes from their childhood.

  • Try some of the old nursery rhymes with actions, such as Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man and Incy, Wincy Spider. 

  • Encourage residents to recite nursery rhyme ( perhaps reading from a book or with props)  video them to show to the children in their families,  these could then be shared with their playgroup or nursery school settings.

  • Download the Nursery Rhymes for Adults (click the button below) and share with your residents

Get Creative

Create your own nursery rhymes book, encourage your residents to provide artwork and/or photographs to illustrate your book.

Get it published.