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Sports Activities

Many older people will have been (or may still be) quite sporty, or have an interest in sports.
Make Sports Activities regular pursuits by including them in the social calendar.
Play sports on a Wii, or PlayStation
Encourage more people to take part by offering sports in a different way. 
  • Football Club, Swimming Club, Badminton Club, etc - with a social theme such as quiz nights, etc.
  • Hold a virtual 'Sports Tour' - UK based or choose a different country, or 'Around the World Tour' for a certain sport or a mix of sports.
  • Play Sports for Charity
  • Create a theme for watching sporting events on TV - Decorate Hats to wear for Ladies Days, such as Ascot.
  • Connect with another care home to compete against - connect with several to hold a tournament.
  • Ask families to let you know if grandchildren are participating in sports locally so that you can go to watch
  • Check with local schools to arrange a visit for 'Sports Day' etc.
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