Garden Birds

Lots of people enjoy watching the birds in the garden.  You can encourage more birds to visit by feeding them.

When you first start to feed them only place a handful of feed on your feeding table.  Don't be tempted to put more out, you won't get enough visitors to eat the seed before it starts to go mouldy.

Make sure that you feed them every day.  The birds will start to visit regularly and on a cold day they will use energy to come to your garden.

You may have one or two residents that will enjoy being responsible for feeding the birds.

Try to support as many as possible to be involved in feeding the birds.

Add Bird Boxes in the garden too.

Garden ornaments can encourage bird visitors, try a variety of bird tables and bird baths as well as a variety of feeders.

Try making some in your craft sessions.


Hens are becoming increasingly popular with care homes across the country.  Some of your residents might have kept their own hens in the past and will welcome the chance to visit, feed and/or collect the eggs.

There are many varieties to choose from and your residents may enjoy being involved in the selection process too.


Some residents may want to bring their pet birds with them when they move in.  This takes careful consideration, but wherever possible this should be a priority.  Your new resident will settle more quickly and having their pet with them will help with their wellbeing.



The Big Garden Birdwatch 

This takes place each year at the end of January - go to the official website to find out how you can take part.



National Nest Box Week

National Nest Box Week is an established part of the ornithological calendar which runs for a week from 14 February each year.

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

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