Bright Copper Kettles

Celebrates National Poetry Day


We'd love to hear some of your residents reading or reciting their favourite poems.

Encourage them to share poetry with you.

Please ensure that you get their permission to record them (audio or video)

You must also get their permission to share/publish the recording from the person reading the poem and your place of work.


Send the recording to us with your Resident's name, your name and place of work. 


We will then share the recordings on this page on National Poetry Day


All entrants will be entered into a prize draw and the winner will be sent this beautiful book of poetry,

Tiny Caring Gestures* written by Jan Millward.


*Jan Millward has very kindly donated this book for the winner.





I have written this book to show people that Care homes are full of compassion and are great places to work. Up and down the country there are very special people totally dedicated to providing excellent care for their elderly residents. Gone are the days when being a carer was a job you did if you couldn't find anything else. Unfortunately good news doesn't sell newspapers, so the odd scandal and rotten apple can show a very biased view of what it is really like. Of course it is essential that bad practice is reported and those responsible brought to justice, but it is very hard to go home after having given your all to yet another slating in the press.


The stigma of dementia still haunts us and I hope that my poems also show the importance of understanding the individual's journey. I have also tried to look death and grief in the face, something that we often find hard to do.

I was “just” a carer for many years and am now an Activity Coordinator in a beautiful care home in Dorset. All of these poems are based on my experiences of working in care and the people I have met on the way.


Jan Millward