International Men's Day

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Men's Groups

It may be appropriate for your care home setting to have a Male residents forum or Men's Forum or whatever it is they'd like to call themselves.

This forum can be used to discuss the types of activities they would like to see made available specifically for them.

Ideally it should be supported by a male member of staff too.

Have some suggestions ready, but try to let the male residents take the lead in the discussions.

Suggestions should be varied:

  • Pop-up pub

    •  darts league

    • dominoes club

    • card sharks

  • Sports club

    • Fishing

    • golf

    • football

    • rugby

    • rowing, etc.

  • Mealtime clubs

    • Men's Breakfast

    • Men's Dinner Club, etc.

      • The members of these clubs might like to invite a female companion to a set meeting once a month, once a quarter or once a year.

  • Travel Club

  • Church Men

  • Old Farmers

  • Shoemakers 

  • Band Club

Consider the backgrounds of your residents and ask if there are existing clubs which they are/were members of.

Encourage any clubs to hold an odd meeting in your home so that residents who are/were members can attend.

International Men's Day is a great day to hold your AGM.

Further ideas

Download the ideas for more clubs - click the buttons below.